Weed Entrepreneurs Set Their Sights on Non-Smokers

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As legalization swirls in Canadian states, entrepreneurs are busy developing numerous new ways to use recreational marijuana in an acceptable method without having to smoke or roll a joint. Socially appealing ways like tea, coffee, cocktails and beer apart from some specially designed vape devices are invented. None of these would create clouds of smoke and they offer more options to non-smokers.

When the cannabis industry was in its initial stages, the question was what form will people use marijuana. No one knew whether it was a gummy bear or a vaporizer pen. However, the industry players knew that the warnings about the health risks of cigarettes had put smoking out of fashion. Smoking is outdated and beverages are the way people like to be changed. Statistics show that 17 percent of Canadians smoke while about 77 percent drink alcohol. 

A number of varieties of cannabis beverages have been introduced as part of what’s going to be a multibillion-dollar market in Canada post-legalization. Scientists, inside a lab of one of the world’s biggest cannabis companies, Smith Falls, are developing cannabis-infused cocktails. They are socially acceptable and expected to fit in.

One of the biggest selling points for cannabis drinks is that they have no calories and are less likely to cause weight gain. A wide range of cannabis-infused drinks is available in the United States. Forecasts predict that cannabis will go close to 20 percent of the alcohol market. Large companies are keeping a watch on the industry’s development and some of them are taking actions as well. 

Deloitte Canada had recently conducted research on what types of consumers would use marijuana and what could motivate their selection. It found that most millennials look for a low-calorie high. Producers are successful at removing the component of cannabis that gives the users the munchies or the urge to eat. Appealing to non-smokers is really important for such products. 

As the smoking concept still has a stigma, more and more customers would want to consume these products as the formats change. According to forecasts by Deloitte, smokable cannabis will become a $5 billion market in Canada while other products and services like weed accessories, beverages, edibles, vapes and others would be much more – close to $20 billion when the industry is fully running. This is why so many companies are already rushing to innovate and invest. 

Protection for people would come through government channels and rigorous testing would give to people the comfort that they can try a product without worrying about where it has come from and what it contains. Regulations will also require labeling the beverages with information about the drinks’ potency generally measured in mg of THC per serving.

There are gadgets designed to help people vape comfortably in public. Modern weed products like discreet vape devices make this possible. Sleek pen-like devices are meant for those who don’t want to show to others that they are vaping CBD oil. Such a device does not emit any smoke or odor and fits into the palm conveniently. 

And there are weed accessories for women. One of these looks like a luxurious makeup case but is capable of storing and charging two CBD vape devices. If somebody looks into the purse, they never know what it is. For more information, you can visit GetWhitePalm.

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