What to Expect from Marijuana in 2020

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Talking about marijuana in 2019, there was a lot of advancement and success. The huge momentum created for the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis means we can expect much more for it in the coming time. Weed enthusiasts are trying to understand what will happen in the next year. Here are some ideas we have about the things we can expect to happen in the marijuana in 2020.

Enhanced Positive Legislation

In 2020, we can expect that the wave of legislation will spread farther into more states as a large number of states will pass laws to permit citizens to purchase, sell, grow and enjoy weed and its amazing benefits for medicinal and recreational purposes. Apart from offline retailers, people will turn more to online sellers like ItsPrimo that provide a one-stop destination to fulfill all the weed requirements.

More Normalization

We can assume that the market for cannabis products and weed accessories will continue exploding in 2020. You will see more and more products introduced for eating, vaping, ingesting, smoking and storing weed. Their quantity and popularity will increase like never before. While the market is already flooding with wide variety of products from brands of all categories, more normalization means people will see a continuous supply of products along with an increasing number of users willing to include weed into their lifestyle for recreational or medicinal use.

Research and Development

The effort made towards research on cannabis will increase in the next year and more interest will be seen in the weed components like THC, CBD and terpenes. We will see newer trends in the development of cannabis components. This will be followed by an effort made by pharmaceutical companies to make drugs out of cannabis for the treatment of various diseases and marijuana alternatives.

Reduced Cost

A highly beneficial aspect that we can look forward to in 2020 is the reduction in cannabis costs. Regardless of your choice of product, the rising popularity of marijuana has given rise to competition and reduced prices. Cannabis flower may drop to a great extent while tinctures and concentrates will be available in higher quality and their prices will get normalized.

Drinking Cannabis

While edibles are already so popular, something that will take off more in 2020 is cannabis beverages. There is a market for weed beverage companies but they have not yet gained much exposure and popularity. Already existing beverage giants will get into the thing and you can expect to get some exciting flavors to try.

Industry Leaders

This year, a few products had led the market while some others designed for newbies gained much popularity. Now that a large number of services, content creators and businesses are getting into the market, it will become easy to find out what brands and products are leading the industry and which ones have failed to make it up.

After the passing of the Farm Bill of 2018, an increased interest in the hemp production is seen across the world. We can expect to see an explosion in the popularity of cannabidiol derived from hemp and the FDA regulation will further shake up things.

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